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Claire Xenia Wolf

Claire Xenia Wolf is co-founder and CTO of YosysHQ, a company focusing on formal hardware verification and advancing Open Source EDA tools. She is best known for her numerous Open Source projects, including Yosys, SymbiYosys, Project IceStorm, Project X-Ray, riscv-formal, PicoRV32, and OpenSCAD. Claire was vice-chair of the RISC-V BitManip Task Group and author of the RISC-V BitManip spec document. In December 2020 she was awarded that year's RISC-V Board of Directors Technical Leadership Award in recognition of her contributions and leadership in the bit manipulation task group (that she co-chaired) and her active role in various other RISC-V technical groups. When she is not tinkering with RISC-V or Open Source EDA, Claire is playing Go/Baduk/Weiqi online, or is playing comically bad Golf offline