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2024 Accepted Papers

Thank you to all contributors submitting their work for publication at OSDA 2024. We are very much looking forward to your poster presentations at the workshop and/or remote video presentations on the web! Congratulations!

On-Site poster presentations

Authors Title
Vojtech Mrazek An Open-Source Automated Design Space Exploration Framework for Approximate Accelerators in FPGAs and ASICs
Marc Solé i Bonet, Aridane Alvarez Suarez and Leonidas Kosmidis The METASAT Hardware Platform v1.1: Identifying the Challenges for its RISC-V CPU and GPU Update
Louis Ledoux and Marc Casas The Grafted Superset Approach: Bridging Python to Silicon with Asynchronous Compilation and Beyond
Manfred Schlägl, Christoph Hazott and Daniel Große RISC-V VP++: Next Generation Open-Source Virtual Prototype
Guillem López-Paradís, Brian Li, Adrià Armejach, Stefan Wallentowitz, Miquel Moretó and Jonathan Balkind Using Supercomputers to Parallelize RTL Simulations
Davide Cieri Hog (HDL on git): a tool to manage HDL code on a git repository
Jakob Ratschenberger and Harald Pretl RALF: A Reinforcement Learning Assisted Automated Analog Layout Design Flow
Ajeetha Kumari Venkatesan, Anirudh Pradyumnan Srinivasan, Deepa Palaniappan Adding configurability to PySlint using TOML
Lucas Klemmer and Daniel Grosse WSVA: A SystemVerilog Assertion to WAL Compiler

Remote video presentations

Authors Title
Samit Basu RustHDL - Rust as a Hardware Description Language
Joaguin Matres GDSfactory: Build better hardware with better software
Theodor Lindberg, Mikael Henriksson and Oscar Gustafsson APyTypes: Flexible Fixed- and Floating-Point Types for Word Length Simulation in Python
Ayaka Yorihiro, Griffin Berlstein, Kevin Laeufer and Adrian Sampson A FIRRTL Backend for the Calyx High-Level Accelerator Compilation Infrastructure
Mohammadamin Hajikhodaverdian, Zihao Yuan, Sherief Reda and Ayse Coskun PACT: A SPICE-Based Parallel Compact Thermal Simulator for Fast Analysis

Instructions for submitting the final version

Authors are kindly asked to incorporate reviewers' comments into their manuscripts. Additional changes are not allowed (except correcting errors, or improving the paper's quality). Please upload your final manuscript to easychair.