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Workshop Program

Being the premier European academic forum for open-source design automation, OSDA’s mission is to connect the leading proponents of the space. We invited authors of major tools and flows to talk about their recent activities to promote open-source hardware, and open-source design automation.

We have anexciting program. Every speaker will give a 20 minutes talk, followed by a 5 minutes Q&A session.


Christian Krieg

Post-Doctoral Researcher and Teacher at TU Wien
Welcome Session

The workshop chair opens the workshop, welcomes speakers and the audience, provides some information on the workshop, and pitches the posters to be presented in the poster session.


Luca Carloni

Professor at Columbia University
ESP: An Open-Source Platform for Collaborative Design of Heterogeneous Systems-on-Chip

ESP is an open-source research platform for SoC design that combines a scalable tile-based architecture and a flexible system-level design methodology. ESP's capabilities have allowed a small team of mostly graduate students to realize two SoCs of growing complexity, each in the span of just a few months. Conceived as a heterogeneous system integration platform, ESP is intrinsically suited to foster collaborative engineering across the open-source hardware community.


Jean-Paul Chaput

Engineer at Sorbonne Université
Update on the Coriolis EDA Toolchain

The talk will present the RTL-to-GDS toolchain Coriolis (, it's current features and future plan. A special emphasis will be put on the challenges of making such a toolchain.


Dirk Koch

Professor at Heidelberg University
FABulous: An embedded eFPGA Framework - an Update

The talk will provide an update on the FABulous embedded open-source FPGA framework. FABulous is designed for ease of use, maximum portability to different process nodes, good control for customization, and for delivering good area, power, and performance characteristics of the generated FPGA fabrics.


Matthew Venn

Founder at YosysHQ, TinyTapeout
Demo Pitch: Tiny Tapeout

TinyTapeout is a multi project chip platform that makes it easier and cheaper to get application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) designs manufactured. Open source tools and process design kits are used so no restrictive licenses or NDAs are required. Each Tiny Tapeout ASIC production run has around 400 open source designs multiplexed to 24 GPIO pins. After manufacture the resulting chip is mounted to a demonstration board for ease of testing. Each chip contains a copy of every design which can be selected and tested in turn. Matt Venn, the project author will bring some previously manufactured boards and their datasheets.


Claire Xenia Wolf

CTO at YosysHQ

In her talk, Claire will discuss recent developments in open-source verification tools. Claire will briefly present equivalence checking with Yosys (EQY) and mutation cover with Yosys (MCY), and will highlight potential future directions.


Frans Skarman

PhD Student at Linköping University
Surfer -- An Extensible and Snappy Waveform Viewer

In this presentation, Frans will present Surfer a new waveform viewer focused on extensibility and a snappy interface. He will briefly introduce the project, then show off how an extensible waveform viewer can be used for more effective debugging such as translating types from high level HDLs, visualising the results of waveform analysis, or even as a teaching tool.


Workshop closing